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Best Record Store in NYC 2015- Village Voice  

Academy Records and CDs Voted  Best Record Store In NYC !!!

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 WQXR radio - Record Store Day 2014

As Record Store Day Returns, Where Can Classical Buyers Shop? For used product, Academy Records satisfies the urge to “get carried away by the experience of flipping through CDs."  -  WQXR radio station

 The Village Voice Says in 2011...

To be honest with you, we can't say that Academy Records & CDs is the best "used" CD store in the city because we don't know how many used CDs Academy really has- and it doesn't know, either. In addition to untold thousands of them, there are countless CDs still in shrink wrap -records, too, both old and new. And DVDs. It's a great place to go for a good (say, Fellini versus Antonioni) argument. But mostly, it's CDs of all genres, all categories,  and all time periods.

The Village Voice

Oct. 30th 2012: Shopikon says...                      

"The store isn't concerned with trend, and their stock won't change to coincide with the latest Top 40 List - instead, any day of the week, Academy affirms both the longevity of the analog age and its timeless masters that have shaped music, literature and movies of today."


Matador says... 

"Some people do still buy CDs and DVDs, and Academy Records & CDs caters to them. Its one of the few businesses Ive seen get near universal positive reviews on Yelp.  Full Matador Review

Goldmine Magazine says...  

"Academy Records & CDs is a New York City institution. Owned by Joseph GaNun, the store has one of the finest secondhand collections of classical music youll find anywhere. But it's the people who run the place who are the real treasures."  

Full Goldmine Magazine Review

Superpages says this about Academy...                                                                     

"A NY Institution for used and rare LPs, CDs and DVDs Over 100,000 recordings in stock Second-hand merchandise bought & sold, retail Compact Discs, Vinyl, Long Playing Records, Movies.Small & Large collections sought have NYC's biggest selection of...

 Superpages Review

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