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Classical-Jazz-Rock-Pop-Avant- Garde-Blues-World-Underground-Soul-Experimental-Roots-Soundtrack Scores and more.


Hollywood-Film Noir- Horror-Foreign-Silent-Westerns-Comedy-Drama-Classics-Concerts-Documentary-Indie

Stereo Equipment

Books of Cultural or Historical Interest   

shop for music and movies in NYC

For larger collections it is recommended that you schedule an appointment. 

Sell cds, vinyl, dvds and blu-ray movies for cash. 7days a week.     (212) 242-3000.                                                

-Buying hours are 12pm-6pm.

 "We appreciate the effort and time it takes for you to bring your collection to our store on W. 18th Street. Therefore there are a few things we would like you to consider before you drop in."

What we Purchase:
We buy collections of all sizes... CDs, Records, DVDs and Blu-rays.

Call Ahead:
Please call us before bringing your collection into our Store as, due to changing trends and supply, we are selective about what kinds of music and films we purchase. 

Sell your cds in NYC. We love them !

Purchasing Hours:
Our purchasing hours are between 12pm and 6pm... 7 days a week.

The condition of your collection is highly important. We are unable to purchase damaged, scratched, soiled or incomplete items. 


We can make arrangements for house calls if it meets our requirements.

For inquiry, please call us at 212-242-3000. If you have classical LPs, you may call at 347-512-9861. 



 We Sell Vinyl Records by the foot.  Call us for inquiries.