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Academy Records & CDs is located in NYC, New York on 18th street between 5th and 6th avenues. Located in the historic "Flatiron District" in lower Manhattan near Union Square.

Academy Records and CDs is located at 12 W. 18th St. near Union Square 

Academy Records and CDs is a NYC cultural cornerstone.

Academy Records and CDs has been a New York music landmark since it's inception back in 1977 as Academy Book Store.

Academy Records & CDs has gown over time to become a NYC landmark.  Know as a cultural destination for devoted music lovers and collectors since 1977, it originally opened as Academy Book Store, and expanded in 1995 to become what it is today.  Academy Records & CDs carry second hand merchandise and collectors items as well as many bargains.  Music genre range from Classical, Rock, Jazz, to  Avant-Garde on Compact Discs and LP records.   Movies genre ranges from classic hollywood films, film noir, horror, foreign, silents, westerns, documentaries and concerts on DVD and Blu Ray.

an image of Academy's Location in NYC        

Academy is Open 7 days a week !!!!

 Academy is Located at 12w. 18th St. New York, NY 10011

Store Hours:
Sunday - Wednesday : 11am - 7pm
Thursday - Saturday : 11am - 8pm 


Central Parking 180 West 20th Street
T 646-638-0695
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Rapid Park Industries 124 West 20th Street
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Other parking locations 140 West 18th (cash-only)

 We Sell Vinyl Records by the foot.  Call us for inquiries.